Open Source Software

Python libraries


A Pythonic interface to the Internet Storm Center / DShield API.


A Python library for interacting with the Chakra Community Repository through its web API. Developed with other Chakra contributors.


An API overhaul of PyNUT, a Python library to allow communication with Network UPS Tools servers.


A Python wrapper for the XML REST API provided by Dell's AppAssure backup servers. Unfinished.

Python webapps


A simple web interface for DNS servers, built on Pyramid, Bootstrap 3, DataTables and dnspython. Makes use of zone transfer requests to allow viewing and editing of A and CNAME records.


A simple web interface for Network UPS Tools servers, built on Pyramid, Bootstrap 3, DataTables and python-nut2.

AppAssure Mount Manager

A user friendly web interface and JSON API for viewing, mounting and unmounting AppAssure recovery points. Built on Pyramid, Bootstrap 3, DataTables and python-appassure.

A website to host project descriptions and information about ACMx. Built on Django 1.7 using Bootflat and jQuery.

Python tools


A beautiful first-boot configuration tool for Chakra, forked from Pardus's Kaptan. Written in Python using PyKDE and PyQt, and translated into over 20 languages. Art by Malcer.


An extendable library, command-line tool and web interface to assist with data mining location information from social networking services for human mobility applications. Written in Python with Pyramid, PyMongo, and other technologies, using a MongoDB backend.


Package management tool and library for the Chakra Community Repository.

aur2ccr 2.0

A helper script for porting packages from Arch to Chakra. Rewrite of the legacy Bash version of aur2ccr in Python 3, built on top of Chaser.


A command-line test coverage reporter for Codacy, created with the help of the Codacy team and community.

Sundara jāla

An opinionated static website generator written in idiomatic Python 3. Unfinished.

Django Linux Dash Agent

The command-line client for Django Linux Dash Central, a centralized web monitoring dashboard for multiple Linux machines.



An extensive collection of open source AutoHotkey libraries that makes heavy use of git submodules.


Assorted AutoHotkey functions compiled into individual executables that take command line arguments. Control your mouse, resize windows, create dialog boxes and more, all from the command line.


A Windows application that sits in your system tray and shows GitHub's current status, as reported by the GitHub status API. Written in AutoHotkey.


A Windows application written in AutoHotkey that allows you to get the process name, PID, and other information from a window. Useful for getting rid of pesky adware popups.


A Windows application written in AutoHotkey that reads a list of tools from the NirSoft website, performs some basic HTML scraping, and allows you to download and use them all from one place.


A simple AutoHotkey application for Windows that shows the contents of the clipboard, or dumps them to a file.

AHK Syslog App

An AutoHotkey application for Windows that uses a configurable ruleset of regular expressions to show notifications whenever a certain event is seen in a syslog MySQL database.

Bash scripts


A "simple Pacman update notifier" written for Chakra using Bash, libnotify and KDE's kdialog.

IR Triage Toolkit

A collection of scripts for Windows and Linux systems that generates a toolkit useful for performing a security incident response, following the order of volatility.


"Arch User Repository to Chakra Community Repository," a Bash script that automates most of the process of converting Arch Linux packages to a format suitable for Chakra. Developed with other Chakra contributors. Legacy version, replaced by aur2ccr 2.0.

Slipm honeypot

A "simple, low interaction port monitoring honeypot" written in Bash, that creates logs and notifies the user when possible attacks on configured network services are detected.

CCR Tools

A collection of Bash scripts for interacting with the Chakra Community Repository through its web API. Developed with other Chakra contributors.


A bash script for creating self-extracting shell archives, similar to GNU shar.

Other Projects

Awesome Malware Analysis

A curated list of awesome tools and resources for malware analysis, with contributions from the community.

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